Tired of winning votes, Montana GOP has plan to reduce them

Montana state senator Alan Olson (R–Roundup,) wearing a shirt/tie combination given to him by his girlfriend, Aleister Crowley

MT state senator Alan Olson (R–Roundup) in a shirt/tie combination given to him by Aleister Crowley

Like many state GOP organizations since 2008, Republicans in Helena have a plan to fight voter fraud. The plan is to end voter registration before Election Day, so that people who go to the polls and find themselves ineligible to vote can’t just register on the spot. Since Montana implemented Election-Day registration in 2006, the secretary of state has documented two—count ’em: two—instances of unqualified voters knowingly casting fraudulent votes. Perhaps more relevantly, 29,000 Montanans have registered and voted on the same day—many of them students, senior citizens, returned members of the military, and other constituencies that traditionally vote Democrat. We must prevent these people from ruining our elections with their .0006% rate of fraud. If that means disenfranchising 2% of the electorate, so be it; I’m sure the Founding Fathers wouldn’t want those people to vote anyway. That’s the argument I make, tongue drifting into my cheek, in my latest column for the Missoula Independent. You should read it. We’ll be back tomorrow with Friday links.



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  1. Lol @ his satan tie.

    He’s probably trying to reach out across party lines to the heathenish liberals.

    “See? I smoked a joint and had dirty irresponsible sex once back in my childish evil days”.

    But I agree the effort would be lost on them and he has nothing to gain.
    They’re as devoted and indictrinated into their own slogans and self riotousness as the most obnoxious bible quoting reborn Christian.

    Thats why libs hate Christians,
    its a rival religion.

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