I write essays, journalism, humor, criticism, fiction and screenplays full time in exchange for money. Fees for byline work vary by project and publication. If you’d like to talk to me about writing for your publication, please email me at:


In addition to byline work, I provide copywriting and editing services on both an hourly and per-word basis. For a quote, send a description of your project and its timeline to brooksdan[at]gmail[dot]com.



  1. Hello Dan Brooks,
    I enjoyed reading your article on Dismaland. Guardian, I think. But have now drunk too much vodka to offer you up anything particularly worthwhile or even coherent enough to bother you with.
    Anyway, have an excellent day,


  2. I really liked your abandonment article in this week’s Indy and it makes me think that you might be Decent person! I have few single/ divorced friends and am now wondering for them if you are straight and single.

  3. I am brazilian and I liked your article about the disappearing plutonomy paper
    Please keep writing

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