Hank III now second-best Williams

Hank Williams, Jr. comports himself with the dignity of his office.

Hank Williams, Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends yesterday morning to offer his opinion of the 2012 GOP field and managed to compare President Obama to Hitler within the first 90 seconds. To be fair, he was explaining why it was a bad idea for John Boehner and Obama to play golf together—a move he called “the biggest political mistake of all time.” Those of you familiar with his hit song “Don’t Talk to Me About FDR’s 1937 Court-Packing Plan” know that it’s futile to argue with Bocephus about such matters. Hank Jr. did not directly compare Obama to Hitler; he merely said that the joint outing between the Speaker of the House and the President was like “Netanyahu playing golf with Hitler.” Then he added that “they’re the enemy.” When asked who, exactly, he shouted “Obama!” and then immediately endorsed Herman Cain. It makes sense that Hank Williams, Jr. is a Republican. His dad did make him a millionaire. Video after the jump.


You can tell everyone at Fox has been told to stop using Hitler analogies, because all three anchors become stammering indignants as soon as he does it. “I just want to say we disavow any of those comments or analogies he made,” Gretchen Carlson said after broadcasting his comments. “At least I’m going to say that.” Also, Steve Doocy’s facial expressions during the first 45 seconds of this video prove he is a born weatherman, and Brian Kilmeade is the biggest pussy in the world. Seriously, the only likable thing Hank Jr. does in this interview is repeatedly dismiss Kilmeade’s comments, to the anchor’s obvious chagrin.

The rest of the time, he combines the smugness of a drunk pontificating at the bar with the incoherence of a drunk pontificating at the bar. I’m not sure whose idea it was to put Hank Jr. on what is ostensibly a news show, much less ask him to assess the Republican field, but the result is a three-minute argument against democracy. Besides referring to the President and Vice-President as “the Three Stooges,” Junior calls for the replacement of all members of Congress, says he is against Democrats and Republicans coming together because we’re “more polarized than we’ve ever been,” and opines that “the health care bill is not gonna fly, either.” Then he crosses his arms, sits back into his neck folds and announces that he’s telling us like it is.

Obviously, Hank Williams Jr. does not represent the American people. He probably does not even represent the people behind Fox and Friends; his appearance on the show is almost certainly some weird tie-in with Monday Night Football and/or an attempt to hawk CDs. Plus, his dad died when he was four. All that being said: screw you, Hank Williams, Jr. Your self-satisfied yelling is not the cause of this country’s problems, but it sure looks like a symptom. And three minutes of your dad singing is better than your entire catalog:



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  1. I wasn’t comfortable enough with the Likud-Nazi political spectrum to quickly grasp which person was being compared to Hitler. Kudos to Fox & Friends for their agile wits.

    In hindsight, I doubt Hank even cares how the elements of his analogy comport.

  2. If that golf outing was “one of the biggest political mistakes…ever,” I’d really like to know what else is in his top ten. I think that would be a surprising list.

  3. My favorite thing about that clip is that Fox and Friends is a morning show, so Hank Williams Jr. was (literally) roaring drunk by 8AM Monday morning. I learned it from watching you, Dad!

  4. I agree with PJ. I want to see that list. Did FDR’s ham sandwich on the eve of Pearl Harbor make the cut? How about Robespierre’s obloquy against four hole buttons that sparked the fall of the monarchy? And, of course, Ronald Reagan’s refusal to declare himself Emperor of the Universe and bathe in the blood of virgins to achieve eternal life. Now that was definitely one of the biggest political mistakes ever.

  5. Hank: “I’d rather be there lookin’ at Gretchen.”

    Looks like he’s also displaying the lecherousness of a drunk pontificating at the bar. You really need to watch the whole video to fully appreciate just how awful of a human being HW2 is.

  6. All those comments are fair but I have to say that I’d rather hear ” A Country Boy Can Survive” or “Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down” than anything by Hank Sr.

  7. This just in: He apologized. Said the thought of all that “jukin’ and high fivin'” made him boil over.

    Of course it did.

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