Combat! blog flies through beers, is abuseful

As you might guess by the lateness of the hour, Le Blog Combat! is in Montreal, where everyone is super friendly and seems as if they appreciate our attempts to speak French by speaking Spanish without pronouncing the last three letters of each word. Also, a pint is a completely different quantity of beer here, and a liter of wine is the same quantity as everywhere but still much greater than you think. I threw up an entire yogurt parfait this morning. While I continue my cultural ambassadorship, how about you read this column from Paul Krugman about S&P’s recent downgrade of the US government’s credit rating. I have to go explain to the entire nation of Canada what Alka-Seltzer is.

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  1. Francophone advice for avoiding a hangover:

    “Blanc sur rouge, rien ne bouge,
    rouge sur blanc tout fout le camp.”

    You know it’s true because it rhymes. Ask your drinking buddies.

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