Trump fires acting AG; sources report it still January

Former acting attorney general Sally Yates, whom Trump fired last night

There is very little Combat! blog today, because I have an enormous editing project to finish on short notice. Did you know that you can send me enormous editing projects, and I will turn them around on short notice? It’ll cost you, but nobody does it better. While I omit unnecessary words, how about you catch up on our looming constitutional crisis? Last night President Trump fired Sally Yates, acting attorney general of the United States, after she instructed her department not to defend Trump’s executive order on immigration. The new acting attorney general is Dana J. Boente, US attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. He will remain in office until the Senate confirms Jeff Sessions or President Trump orders all dogs to wear pants made of little American flags—whichever comes first. We’ll be back tomorrow with money in our pockets and something a little more substantial on our blog.




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  1. Combat blog is ruled by corporate interests. As soon as we get done taking back our country we’re going to chain you a desk and make you write self-aware political commentary.

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