Ravalli County rejects federal funding, closes family planning clinic

Suzy Foss (with the cross) asks, "Who's the boss?" Hint: it's God.

Suzy Foss (with the cross) asks, “Who’s the boss?” Hint: it’s God.

A few weeks ago, Ravalli County commissioners voted to reject federal Title X funding for reproductive health services, closing their health department’s family planning clinic for the first time in 40 years. That money comes from Obama, and God doesn’t want you to have sex anyway. That’s why he punishes you with children. Anywhom, after various Ravalli residents complained that they couldn’t get screened for ovarian cancer and whatnot, Foss wrote this editorial in the Ravalli Republic explaining her decision. “Water runs downhill, the path of least resistance,” she said. “So too does humankind when enabled.” Not enabling her constituents to access reproductive health services was a religious freedom issue, she argued, and birth control pills give you cancer anyway. It was a less than convincing work of scholarship, and it’s the subject of my latest column in the Missoula Independent. I got kind of angry, but not as angry as the guy who printed up a bunch of “Bitterroot Taliban” flyers with Foss’s picture on them. Now that’s some citizen journalism, right there. We’ll be back tomorrow with Friday links.


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  1. “Maybe, like a drunk person who urges another drunk person to climb a tree, Foss is not so much deceitful as comparably impaired.”

    This sentence should get an award.

    Also, I know we must be respectful of others, even those with whom we disagree, lest we descend into barbarism, but that dumb church lady sucks.

  2. She must have skipped the part about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc.; because she’ll be back, complainiing about welfare, sex education, food stamps, subsidized child care, etc.

  3. That was hilarious, Dan. And like Mr. Minter, I’m caught by my own sense of propriety that she be afforded some benefit of doubt. As you so eloquently argue, even in doubt we are forced to conclude she’s either (1)educationally impaired or (2)trying to rally her educationally impaired supporters.

    I looked for some extra-textual clues to see if it was (1), and found this on her LinkedIn:

    Montana State University-Bozeman
    Early Childhood Development
    1978 – 1980

    So maybe what she says about the poor children is reasonable, even if she wasn’t afforded the critical thinking or writing skills of a full degree. Nonetheless, this educational background was enough to lead her through a career of horsecare which leaves her with the following skills today:

    Crisis Management
    Public Speaking
    Grant Writing
    Community Outreach
    Program Development

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