1. Palin must’ve seen Catfish and thought it was a good idea. “Maybe I’ll meet a cute, wryly exploitative trustacean!”

    I’m really excited for the 2012 GOP Primary.

  2. I agree with Charlie. I’ve taken to skimming Combat on Palin and other fluff days–there’s too much real stuff to read about. The world has changed permanently over the last days, with dictators falling like dominoes.

  3. Which of these multiple choice answers most coincides with the phenom commented on today?:

    1. Garth Brooks’ “Chris (whatever)” persona.

    2. Schizo-affective disorder (nonspecific).

    3. The rhyme that begins, “I like myself. I think I’m grand. I sit in the movie and hold my hand…..”

  4. @Mose, let me respectfully submit that the blog is “oppositional cultural for an occupied age” and not “geo-politics for gadflies.” I think the distinction you imply between “real stuff” and, I guess, unreal stuff is problematic, as is the assumption that this blog should be about current events.

    That said, I would love to see Dan’s perspective on the protests in the Middle East and North Africa. I wonder, however, what angle of inquiry he could pursue that would be consistent with this blog and its style of cultural analysis. This isn’t a newscast. Perhaps a look at divergent rhetoric in American reporting on the protests? Or perhaps how the instigating event that was Mohamed Bouazizi setting himself on fire in Tunisia perhaps was motivated in part by a highly sexist value system?

  5. I completely agree with everything you point out there, Mike. I tune into this blog in spite of having no interest in much of the subject matter, just to relish Dan’s wit and dexterity.

    In fact, I almost never read cultural commentary or blogs at all. Blogs seem regurgitated and cultural (or “counter-cultural”) commentary is such a flimsy tool to handle, like using jello to drive in a screw.

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