I’m in the NYT Magazine, trying to understand Ryan Zinke’s Twitter

Commander Zinke's booth at the 2014 Montana GOP convention

Commander Zinke’s booth at the 2014 Montana GOP convention

Remember on Thursday, when I promised you a surprise for Friday links? I’m sorry, champ, but it’s been real busy at the office. The surprise was that I wrote this examination of Commander Ryan Zinke’s (R-Mont.) Twitter account for the New York Times Magazine, which went up Friday night after links were tucked away. This news will come as no surprise if you follow me on Twitter, where I have been flogging the piece all weekend. But I thought I’d direct you good, potentially non-Twitter-using folks toward it, since you have done so much for me. Depending on what time of day you’re reading, there may or may not be an image at the top of this post. As of press time, Combat! blog’s WordPress server is neither accepting uploads to its image library nor allowing the placement of images in posts. You know what my favorite part of running a blog is? Abstruse technical problems.1 Anywhom, I’m always thrilled to be in the Times, and it was great to work with editor Jazmine Hughes who, like Willy, made the final draft of this piece much better than the first. How ’bout you read it, or merely click on it and create the impression that I am popular? In exchange, I will write free essays for you every weekday. Almost every weekday. I love you. Obey me.

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