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Prisma, what have you done?

Prisma, what have you done?

Astute readers may have noticed there was no Combat! blog yesterday. I was all set to write a short post linking to my column in the Independent, having just returned from an unusually hot yoga. I took a shower. I sent some emails. I realized I had eaten naught but a donut all day so, nutritionist that I am, I made an extra-large smoothie based on 16 ounces of orange juice, plus a bunch of wheatgrass and spinach. Thank goodness for the bananas, or vomit would have propelled me around the apartment like a deflating balloon. As it was, I just felt kind of nauseous, and I lay down for a second to collect myself. Two hours later, I woke up just in time to go to dinner with my girlfriend.

So I missed Combat! blog, and for that I am sorry. I’m also sorry I went calorie-negative during a five-workout week, because I still feel kind of washed out and bleary. There will be no Friday links, because I am taking a mental/physical health day. Here’s this week’s Indy column to amuse you while I consume coconut water, avocados, and wild rice. Inspired by Attempt’s comment yesterday, I’ve also added a random post widget to the sidebar on the left. It should be different every time you load the page, so just keeping hanging out on Combat! blog, hitting refresh, until you see a headline that piques your interest. Then go to that page and hit refresh a few thousand times, too. We’ll all be rich before we know it.

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  1. Normally, reading old posts on a blog that covers pop culture and politics would be punishing. But since your prose is the main attraction, and since you connect current events to broader themes at least a quarter of the time, dicking around in the archives is pleasurable indeed.

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