Combat! blog hurtles through space, isn’t useful


The quiet car on Amtrak may be mankind’s greatest achievement. From where I sit, silently emitting waves of discouragement toward anyone who might want the adjacent seat, the train feels an order of magnitude better than a plane. Fact: it does not lurch up and down in a sickening fashion. Nor does it give people in fake-looking badges license to search my bags. Best of all, everyone rides in placid silence. It’s exactly like being dead, and not just because I’m on my way to someplace hot and crowded. I’ll be in New York this weekend, which will be delightful. I’m interpreting this trip as an excuse not to blog today, so I can look out the window and reflect on a strip of trees, marshes and peeling houses that were once familiar. Everything old is new again—even me. We’ll be back tomorrow with Friday links.


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