Combat! blog flies through air, is not useful

Combat! blog’s hazy Los Angeles vacation comes to an end today. I write you from gat 68A at LAX, which is pleasantly filled with Japanese people, one of whom is wearing a Knicks t-shirt and an enormous cowboy hat and is even now smiling at me in a nonthreatening manner. This modern world. An hour from now I will be suspended over the clouds, and two hours after that I will be vomiting in the garbage can at baggage claim. Yes, some of us come to claim things and some of us come to leave them behind. Today Combat! blog will make few claims and leave you nothing, the better to come blearily back to focused commentary tomorrow. In the meantime, consider the peculiar wondershow that can propel me at six hundred miles per hour 30,000 feet off the ground, yet somehow cannot create a single-file line. See you tomorrow.

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