Canadians buy Missoula’s water supply, politely suggest that resistance is futile



Last week, the Carlyle Group agreed to sell Missoula’s water supply to Algonquin Power and Utilities of Canada. It was kind of a surprise, not least because Carlyle had recently argued in court that it did not actually own Mountain Water, as part of its all-stops resistance to the city’s condemnation effort. You might remember this issue from January, when I said the city should buy our water supply. I was wrong. Missoula should buy Mountain Water from the Carlyle Group the way I should rescue a toddler from a bear: yeah, in principle, but in practice inexperience demands a cost greater than I can pay. That’s the idea behind my column in this week’s Missoula Independent, in which I admit that I was wrong and urge Mayor Engen to do the same. We’ve got a tiger by the tail, and now is an opportune moment to let it go. We’ll be back tomorrow with Friday links.

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