What this country needs is more religious paranoia


Sure, the federal government has taken a lot of steps lately to address America’s most serious problems—the financial collapse, skyrocketing health care costs, our tarnished image abroad. But when will the Obama administration wake up and do something about our imaginary problems? Specifically, why hasn’t anyone said anything about the secret Muslim takeover of our military and national security apparatus? Is it because any schoolchild will tell you that religious purges of government and the public sphere are associated with the ugliest chapters in our or any other nation’s history? Or is it because the President himself is secretly a Muslim? Hint: it’s the second one.

Fact: Barack Obama is totally from Africa, or possibly Indonesia. Fact: His mom was a hippie who was into black guys. Fact: Many Muslims are basically black guys. Do I have to spell it out for you? Do you think that one morning, when Barack Obama’s mom—I’m pretty sure her name was Janet—was hung over from one of her pot parties, and her “friend” yelled from the kitchen, “Barry looks bored. I’m going to drop him off at the madrassa on my way to get more eggs and white girls,” Janet said no? Of course not. She groggily mumbled, “That’s groovy, daddy,” and rolled over in bed, nearly smothering the future President’s infant half-brother.

Add the phrase “a growing number have said” to every sentence in the paragraph above, and you are basically Jerome Cosi. You might remember Corsi from Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, or his recent attempts to expose the President as an illegal alien. Now that both of those endeavors have become political shorthand for the craziest/most mendacious among us, Corsi has turned his attention to good, old-fashioned Jew hunting McCarthyism investigative journalism. It was in that capacity that he published “Shooter Advised Obama Transition,” about Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan.

You might think, from the headline, that Hasan advised the Obama transition in some way. He didn’t. It turns out that Hasan’s name appears on a list of attendees at a conference organized by the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University, where various policy experts and academics convened to develop a list of priorities for US homeland security, which they subsequently published as an open “recommendation” to the Obama administration. Hasan, along with several hundred other people, watched. After Jason Linkins’s Huffington Post piece pointed out that Jerome Corsi was basically smearing the President with his “report,” Corsi got a little testy. “Hasan is being reported as a participant in the GWU Homeland Security Policy Institute’s Presidential Transition Task Force, not as a member…the group was a university think-tank, not part of the Obama administration official transition team,” he writes in an addendum to the original story. “Further, the institute’s deputy director is quoted saying he is unable to say if Hasan made any input to the group’s final recommendations.” Corsi’s essential contention is that the Huffington Post is the one running the smear campaign, since no reasonable person could think that Hasan advised the Obama transition team after reading the headline “Shooter Advised Obama Transition.”

In Corsi’s defense, he’s not just trying to impugn the reputation of a President who he has already proved isn’t an American citizen. He’s also selling anti-Muslim conspiracy tracts. “Shooter Advised Obama Transition” is intercut with italicized links hawking a book called Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America. Wait—the underworld is secret, and it’s conspiring? Let me get my gun. According to World Net Daily, Corsi’s website and the publisher of the book, Muslim Mafia “has all the elements of a top-flight mystery novel, but the situations and conversations are absolutely real.” You know something is true when it’s described to you as not just real, but absolutely real. An article about the explosive new bestseller appeared, coincidentally, the day after the Fort Hood shootings in, coincidentally, the pages of World Net Daily. It’s part book review and part news story about the conspiracy the book describes, using the book as its primary source. This is why we have journalistic ethics, people.

Of course, Jerome Corsi isn’t advocating any sort of action when he tells us that a man who went crazy and murdered people advised the President, or that that President ascended to the highest office in the land by falsifying his citizenship, or that members of one particular religion are secretly taking control of the US government in order to destroy America. He’s just selling books. But we don’t need to worry about him, because no one in the mainstream media actually believes any of this stuff. Right?

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  1. Something to file away in my brain; Geraldo Rivera is to be considered the voice of reason on “Fox & Friends”. That show is an absolute abortion.

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