Close Readings: Jeff Gordinier is sad you’re petty, but so it goes

Food writer Jeff Gordinier—it's not his fault; everyone looks like a douche at PoetryFoundation.

Food writer Jeff Gordinier—it’s not his fault; everyone looks like a douche on PoetryFoundation.

A couple weeks ago, my friend and editor Erika Fredrickson wrote this article for the Missoula Independent about Georgia Pellegrini’s “Girl Hunter” weekends. In addition to letting me use the word “rimjob” in music reviews, Erika is very nice, so I was disappointed to hear that New York Times food writer Jeff Gordinier tried to big-time her when he showed up to cover Girl Hunter, too. Gordinier believed he had an exclusive, and he appears to have strong-armed Pellegrini’s publicist into excluding Erika from the falconry and pheasant hunting portions of the weekend. You can read about the whole sordid affair on Jim Romenesko’s media blog, along with Gordinier’s explanation, which is the subject of today’s Close Reading.

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