Still real sick


Combat! blog’s residency at death’s door continues today, and I don’t like it any better than you do. Those who saw me at Friday’s panel will be pleased to learn I am no longer shivering and sweating at the same time, but my lungs remain a home for glue. So are my ears, now, such that as my illness progresses the world seems disconcertingly farther away. It is a gray, rainy morning in Missoula, caught between the dawn and its inevitable conclusion. Perhaps I am already dead.

But you, dear reader, are most certainly alive,1 and you cannot soldier on in ignorance. So while I wait for that thing which happens to us all, how about you read this long, fascinating profile of Barack Obama’s foreign policy? I know that doesn’t sound enticing, but Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview-centered analysis is amazing. It starts with the president’s decision not to launch airstrikes against Assad’s Syria in 2013 and ends, in the present day, with David Frum absolutely losing his shit on Twitter. I like Frum on domestic politics, but ragging on Obama for not starting enough wars in the Middle East is a bad look for a man who wrote speeches for George W. Bush in 2003. I joke about being dead, but in my lifetime, my government has made hundreds of thousands of people dead for real. Maybe the worst foreign policy that doesn’t invade Syria is better than the best that does.

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