Sadly, ballot season is over before it began



Two fun ballot initiatives for the 2014 Montana elections met untimely ends last week. The Healthy Montana Initiative, which would have accepted federal funds for Medicaid expansion after the state legislature refused them, fell just short of the required 25,000 signatures after a series of legal challenges. Meanwhile, Charter Communications’ I-172—which would have reclassified the telecommunications outfit as a cable company, reducing by approximately half the $34 million they owed in back property taxes—was withdrawn after Charter settled with the state. These two initiatives dropped out of contention before balloting season even began: one to reverse legislators’ decision to refuse to implement federal Medicaid expansion, and one to reverse a court’s decision to make the cable company pay its taxes. It was a classic David and Goliath story, and you can read all about it in my column for the Missoula Independent. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must watch the United States thwart Germany on the field of international contest, again. We’ll be back tomorrow with Friday links.

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  1. That was some whimsical shit. I wish I could write reports like that. The strictures of clarity in the professional world are too binding and drive interesting metaphors into hiding.

  2. “which would have accepted federal funds for Medicaid expansion after the state legislature refused them,”

    Thats what makes Montana better then pinko dens of perv and villainy like nu york and chicago.

    They’ll pay for their own shit themselves thank you very much and retain their souls before taking the obo-care candy and getting in the redistributionist van to get bent over and fleeced up the butt like they did to detroit, california and every blue state where wealthy bankers and middlemen rule over narcissistic unproductive acolytes and violent welfare states for their own money and power.

    And when we’re forced to string them up, cut their throats and take our money back in blood, Montana will be on our side.


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