Rick Hill’s half million

Montana gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill

Did you know that Montana operatively had no campaign finance laws for six days in early October? On October 3, Judge Charles Lovell declared the state’s contribution limits unconstitutional in light of Citizens United v. FEC. On October 9, an even better judge reinstated them, and everything went back to the way it’s been for the last hundred years. During those six days, however, the Montana Republican Party gave Hill $500,000—20 times the amount he was allowed to accept under the law. He isn’t giving it back, either. You can read about it in my column at the Indy. Did you know I write an occasional column for the Missoula Independent? It’s one of the many, many deadlines I’ve had to meet this week, and I’ve got another four of them today. You read the column while I dash about with my hair on fire. Meet me back here tomorrow for Friday links. Or eat Snak-Packs and watch pornographic videos; don’t let me tell you what to do.

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