Rep. Zinke does not trust Obama to negotiate TPP in America’s interest

Rep. Ryan Zinke in the photograph he provided to Breitbart News

Rep. Ryan Zinke in the photograph he provided to Breitbart News

Did you know Rep. Ryan Zinke (R–MT) used to be a Navy SEAL? The picture of himself he provided to Breitbart News appears to be about 15 years old, but it still lends credibility to his assertion that President Obama cannot be trusted to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership in America’s interest. Sure, that’s kind of an irresponsible statement for a freshman congressman to make. He’s basically describing a nightmare scenario. To whom is the President loyal if not the United States? Shouldn’t we launch some kind of investigation into his plans to use the TPP to benefit foreign parties? Normally I would greet such claims with skepticism, but Zinke is a war hero. He wouldn’t impugn the patriotism of the commander in chief unless he had a really good reason. Either that, or he’s not great at saying what he means. You can read my speculation on the subject in this week’s column for the Missoula Independent, which I wrote back when my eyes stayed level to the horizon without my even thinking about it. Now if I turn my head a certain way, I fall over. We’ll be back tomorrow, fair and imbalanced.


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