Preparedness meets opportunity meets I am lazy

Bad news if you read Combat! blog primarily to comment on that Levi’s commercial post: today is Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which means we once again get to decide whether we respect national holidays around here, or what. Fortunately, this one is easy. King Day is a particular favorite of mine, in part because, unlike most other federal holidays, it does not involves a bunch of people getting killed. Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, President’s Day, Easter—if everything you knew about history came from our roster of holidays, you would think that the only way to get anything done was to explode or smallpox or crucify everyone. Martin Luther King proved that you can get a lot done with just words and ideas, plus snappy presentation. Granted, he used that principle to free a people, whereas around here we use it to snipe at Sarah Palin and make dick jokes, but it’s basically the same thing. In honor of King Day, we plan to spend the morning redesigning Combat! blog, so that if we ever do actually exert a positive influence on anything we will at least look like we weren’t laid out in two hours by a half-drunk man with no graphic design expertise. I mean, that will still be true, but we’ll hide it better. In the meantime, happy Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., CPA day.

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  1. My aunt was looking at a calendar she received for Christmas and asked, “What’s ‘Milk Junior Day’?”

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