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You have to wait for it, but it’s worth it. The woman who yells “Heil Hitler” at the :36 mark of this video in order to keep an Israeli man from talking about universal health care is named Pamela Pilger. The look of terror on her face at :58, when A) she has had some time to consider what she just did and B) she has to participate in a discussion rather than yelling whatever shocking remarks she can think of from the periphery, is priceless. Also, if you pause the video, you will notice that she is wearing an Israeli Defense Force t-shirt.*

That’s just one of the many intriguing contradictions characterizing the mystery wrapped in an enigma that is Pam Pilger. She’s a complicated woman who’s able to see both sides of an issue. Not only that—she’s able to reach both conclusions about an issue, particularly one that’s just emerged from her mouth. Here’s an interview with her, conducted shortly before she yelled a phrase most commonly associated with the deliberate extermination of six million people:


For your convenience, I’ve arranged several of Pilger’s statements with other, contradictory statements she also makes. It’s amazing what a high percentage of them match up. For example:

1A) I’ve always been a Republican.

1B) I don’t want to identify myself with any particular group.

2A) The turnout’s good.

2B) A thousand people really isn’t a lot of people.

3A) We do not need to support illegal aliens.

3B) God bless ’em, I want them to have care.

4A) [Health care] doesn’t need to be taken over by the government.

4B) My husband doesn’t have insurance. I’m lucky I have it through my work.

5A) My husband has two jobs.

5B) No, he has three jobs.

5C) Er, two and a half.

6A) I really hope Obama is voted out of office.

6B) All these people have been in office so long.

7A) I believe in biblical values.

7B) Nobody is obligated to give you health care.

To be fair, #6 isn’t so much a contradiction as just very stupid. I mean, the guy’s been President for seven months. Also, it should be noted that illegal immigrants are specifically excluded from subsidized care under all drafts of proposed legislation. So it’s good she’s into that. Anyway, there’s your opposition, folks. Now go convince her with data and reasoned arguments.

* Also also, bald dude, you’re telling me that you’ve got the entire nation of Israel, and no one is interested in a mattress sale? Come on.

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  1. The most fascinating part of the first clip is the gentleman’s outraged retort, “Shame of you!! Shame of you!!”, repeated over and over.

    The shame of us, indeed.

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