Is this the best bad politics we can manage?


Those of you who live in Montana have probably seen this ad one million times, give or take brief periods of internet outage. Produced by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, it attacks John Walsh, the lieutenant governor of Montana recently appointed to fill the senate seat vacated by Max Baucus. Montana’s next regular election for US Senate is in November, and the race is hotly contested. Walsh is by no means a flawless candidate; there’s plenty in his background to attack, but this ad pins its hopes on connecting him to Obama. That damned Obama! Merely saying his name is enough to send me into paroxysms, or it would be if I were an NRSC ad hack working on tight deadline. As it is, I am not shocked by Walsh’s connection to the leaders of his party, and I would like my negative politics to be a little sharper. You can read about in my latest column for the Missoula Independent. Or you can go pound sand. Either way, we’ll be back tomorrow with Friday links.

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