Hey, what’s contemporary racism look like?


Ended slavery, repealed Jim Crow laws, desegregated public schools and drinking fountains—this country has done so much for black people! Yes, You’re Racist brought us this tweet, which in addition to embarrassing some poor woman who can’t think, neatly captures what 21st-century racism looks like. Okay, the two high-profile cases of cops who killed unarmed black men and suffered absolutely no consequences captured what contemporary racism looks like. But this tweet reflects the silent majority that sustains such behavior.

In The Revolt of the Masses, José Ortega y Gasset remarked that for most people, modernity is the condition of using a bunch of technology that you cannot make yourself and consider a natural feature of the world. A liberal reading of his work suggests that social developments—like, say, reduced expression of institutionalized racism against black people—might be considered technology, too. That certainly seems to be the case for Chelsea A. Carlen, who takes as given the prevailing modern attitude that we shouldn’t discriminate against black people and ignores the historical abuses that made that attitude necessary.

She sees scholarships for black kids to go to Harvard, in other words, and ignores the history that starts with slavery and moves through racist admissions policies to get us there. Black people should be grateful that we’re killing them in the streets less than we used to. It’s an understandable perspective, albeit extraordinarily ignorant.

I bet Chelsea Carlen doesn’t even hate black people. She just regards them as a monolithic, protected class that hates America. We’ve done so much to treat you slightly less badly, and this is how you repay us? By freaking out just because cops can still murder you? How long do we have to let you vote and not sell you as chattel before you get over it?

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  1. Good Evening Mr. Brooks,

    I have read through many of your pieces and greatly value the immense detail you put into your work. I understand several of your pieces regard different social media sites and some of the ridiculous comments posted by ignorant people all around the world. However, I am not one of these people. I posted this tweet, only considering my feelings and not the opinions or beliefs of others. After posting this, I did realize that what I had written was not worded correctly and was something that did not belong on social media. I deleted this comment before I had even realized that the twitter account labeled, Yes You’re Racist, had screen shotted it and posted for all to see. I am aware that you don’t know me, but if you did, you would know that I am not, in any way shape or form, racist towards anyone. I do realize that this government has not done everything to eliminate discrimination, but they have tried to reduce it over the years. You are very correct in saying that we have not done nearly enough to eliminate racism, however, I can promise you that I am not, and never will be, a racist. I have many family members and friends of different ethnicities and races; racism is not something I am or ever will be okay with. I was angry in the time I posted that tweet because I do strongly value the dedication and work responsibilities upheld by police officers. I do regret what I commented and can promise something like this will never be posted again. Although, I understand what I posted was wrong, this blog post makes me out to be a person that I am not. I am requesting that you please delete this blog post, because even though it was written beautifully, and obtains many true facts about racism in society today, I am not a person who falls in this category and do not wish to be made out to be like one. Again, I apologize for what I originally posted, and hope you will consider my request.

    Chelsea Carlen

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