Happly MLK day!

Today is not the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior’s actual birthday, but it is the new day white America has given to him for the purpose of work scheduling. Thank you, Dr. King, for offering your life to create real change in the lives of millions of Americans and provide a three-day weekend/guilt-free conception of society to millions more. As you know, Combat! blog rigidly observes all federal holidays that give us an excuse to knock off work, and there will be nothing of interest posted today. But wait! A lot of people ask me what, when I’m not concocting totalizing theories based on a sandwich commercial I saw once, I do with my day. Okay, almost no one asks me that, but I can often work the conversation around to it. One of the things I do when I’m not et cetera is write a series for Machinima.com, the website where people use video-game source engines and voice-over actors to create animated shorts. The first episode went live last night. Behold! (Warning: profanity, gross zombie, cavalier attitude toward death and social inequality, uncanny valley.)


I think it’s exactly what Martin Luther King had in mind.

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  1. Video: Ah, the unmistakable Brooksian humor. Hey, you know that language map you linked to Friday? Could you create one that demonstrates (via Venn diagrams or similar artifice) that you are part of the Mel Brooks family of humor?

    And that David Brooks is the retarded cousin that should have been left locked under the stairs?

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