1. Alas, Helas, and Auwe that Harry Potter has sold so many more books than Andrew Potter; but that is the nature of America’s intellectual curiosity and tolerance for thought.

    To be fair, BP not only opposed safeguards in offshore drilling; one of their representatives also authored the research that was supposed to sound the alarm to oil producers everywhere and create a demand for such safeguards. This makes them the Goldman Sachs of the oil industry.

    I, for one, find the Universe perfectly in balance, given these facts.

  2. Dan,
    Thanks for your very kind words about our post rapture pet rescue business.
    We’ve been operating since June ’09, and todate have signed just under two-hundred clients. So, while not rich by any means (atheists aren’t exactly the poster boys for morality among Christian believers in the rapture) it’s a nice income to share with my business partner and our 29 pet rescuers.

    Best regards,

    Bart / aka Dromedary Hump
    Creator & Co-Owner: EE-BP
    Author: The Atheist Camel Chronicles

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