Friday links! GTFO edition

It’s an acronym.

Combat! blog is relocating to Jackson Hole this weekend to see the famous hole, and the transition is way behind schedule. I need to GTFO house. Normally I dislike internet slang—particularly the soul-destroying lol—but GTFO has made its way into my actual speech. I like the way it makes leaving into a transitive verb—something you do to a place, as opposed to with yourself. Today is Friday, and I am about to GTFO Montana for the weekend. First, though, the links. While I’m gone, consider that:

Paul Ryan likes Rage Against the Machine, but Rage does not like Paul Ryan. Mad props to The Cure for this one.

The Boy Scouts don’t care which religion you profess, but you have to pick one.

This handy guide will help you choose.

And now that you’ve got one, think about where but for his/her grace/karma go you.

Now watch this rap video about snacks made by middle school children in their after-school program:


Eat a dick, soccer.

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  1. “…to see the famous hole”

    I thought Jenna Jamison was the famous hole?

    “Normally I dislike internet slang—particularly the soul-destroying lol…”

    I agree!
    Always hated its juvenile abbrasiveness.

    But then, after recovering from my initial terror,
    I began to fully recognize and admire its soul destroying attributes!

    And became a fan of it.



    “Paul Ryan likes Rage Against the Machine,…”

    I was never a fan of 1. Choosing Romney.

    I liked Santorum but Catholics are generally too liberal for the con party.

    And 2. Romney bending to fox news pressure to choose Paul Ryan.

    Its ugly.

    And that was before I even knew that he liked rage against the machine!

    But the lib agenda is just as ugly!

    And outside of the cons constant halliburton agenda,
    very often even worse IMO.

  2. I think that the “schism” that you are referring to,
    regarding growing older and become more conservative,
    is related to the age that… whites have children.

    The liberals are absolutely atrocious at raising children!

    They’re completely selfish and agenda driven for it!

    Because they still ARE children!

    Its easier to yell in the streets about someone elses needs,
    when you dont have or dont care about the needs of your own personal dependents!

    (Heterosexual libs are still quite prone to throwing their own kids to the wolves to satiate the lib agenda/absolve their “white guilt”.)

    Basically it comes down to your own child relying on you?

    And whether you have become indoctrinated enough to even care anymore by then.

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