Friday links! Festival of the Book edition

We have fired the intern responsible for entering "Festival of the Wookie" into the calendar.

The intern responsible for entering “Festival of the Wookie” into the calendar is fired.

I’m wearing a cardigan with patches on the elbows. Maybe your elbows go unpatched, because you are one of those fortunate people who just don’t care how they look. But my image is my livelihood, so when I materialize at a Festival of the Book event, I materialize correct. This morning circa 11am at Radius Gallery, miracle geniuses Chad Dundas and Ben Fowlkes will hold forth on the craft of sportswriting. You can bet I’ll be there, making their patch-elbowed cardigans look like drapes of shit with my sick piece.

I’ll humble the plebes today, and then I’ll check out Sarah Aswell on the working mothers panel at 2pm tomorrow, in Garden City Ballroom C1 at the Holiday Inn. It’s not just a great place to meet women with jobs. It’s a chance to hear from a veteran freelancer with the stage presence to make her advice interesting. I’m not going to fuck with her cardigan game, either.

Anyway, I gotta go. You stay here and listen to this song on repeat until death sets you free, or go to the Festival of the Book. It’s your life—do as you wish.


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