Combat! blog lives thanks to z-pak, isn’t useful


I know I said there would be Friday links today, but I have to spend the next 24 hours getting better thanks to antibiotics, rather than gradually sickening to death over the next two winters. Modernity is good. Whatever colony of bacteria has been fighting a war of attrition against my lungs since Labor Day is bad. But you’re fucked now, bacteriums: I got a z-pak, and nothing can kill me. Also nothing can make me work. The irony is that I am trapped in my apartment with the internet, so I’m probably going to spend the hours between naps staring at a screen anyway—likely from this very imitation Le Corbusier chair.1 You’d think I could just move my fingers a little and type a blog while I did that, but nope—my self-pity is too strong. Only righteous anger and the aforementioned azithromycin can burn it out of me, which is why I revisited Men Taking Up Too Much Space On the Train. From there it’s a quick trip to Kinja and this screed by Albert Burneko, which both introduces you to the Holderness Family and makes you hate them. Also, have you started using Spotify yet? Like every piece of technology invented since incorporation of the major record labels, it’s threatening to unjustly bankrupt the major record labels. That’s why I hate it and democracy, and also why I used it to make my fall 2014 mix, which I include here because it’s freaking winter already. Listen to it and think of me: humidified, fleece-wrapped, on death’s door but creeping away hand-in-hand with a special kind of mold or something.

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