Combat! blog lies in state, is not useful


There is no Combat! blog today, as I have contracted illness from a toddler and must prepare for death. How is it that a baby could survive this cold and I cannot? Answer: the baby takes naps every four hours. I intend to do the same, not because I hope for a cure, but simply to escape. By body is like an episode of Double Dare right now. Pity me. You might also read this article about Tea Party activists and their omnidirectional suspicion, which now includes other Tea Party groups. I was all set for a narrative of groundless paranoia, but it turns out that grassroots conservatives have reason to feel betrayed. Tea Party Express, for example, raised $8 million this election cycle and spent $7.5 million on operations. It’s almost as if the ill-defined political movement that hates both parties and hardly put any candidates in national office has attracted hucksters. We’ll be back tomorrow with more groundless speculation, but longer.

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