Combat! blog flies through air, isn’t useful


I got up before 6am this morning, went back to sleep when I saw my flight was delayed, then dragged myself through a snowstorm to Des Moines International Airport.1 Now I am back in Missoula, where I guard Castle Faswell and its furry ward, and the first flakes of snow are beginning to fall. Could it be that the storm followed me across the country? Nope: it’s busy smashing Chicago. I am busy compulsively swallowing and trying to convince myself it doesn’t hurt, plus satisfying various deadlines, plus eating a burrito. There is no blog today—at least not one of any substance. While I fight microbes, how about you read this insightful consideration of the Mast Brothers chocolate scandal. “What our delight at their downfall truly reveals, more than anything,” Helen Rosner writes, “is how we as a consumer culture lie to ourselves about being consumers of culture.” They’re from Iowa, you know.

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