Combat! blog flies through air, isn’t useful

Combat! blog woke up in its brand-new apartment at 5:30 this morning and dove immediately to the airport, where it was beset by all the sights, sounds and smells of the modern age. In addition to getting an extremely detailed explanation of how drip coffee is made from the man in line next to me at the airport coffee place, I also witnessed a woman who had purchased two seats from Denver to Des Moines and found herself unable to fit into them unsuccessfully argue for a free third seat, at that time occupied by a man trying valiantly to read his book. Half an hour later, she was upgraded to two business-class seats. Anyway, that’s A) why my flight was delayed and B) why Combat! blog does not really exist today, since I am sweating sack in Des Moines and still under two deadlines. We’ll be back tomorrow, bright-eyed and American obesity epidemic-oriented. In the meantime, have you been keeping up with Tea Party Jesus?

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