Combat! blog flies through air, isn’t useful

Kim Jong Un visits a lubricant factory.

Kim Jong Un visits a lubricant factory.

It’s amazing how the signal moments of one person’s life constitute mundane detail in another’s. There is no Combat! blog today, because I am flying to New York. Probably, you don’t care. But it’s exciting and fun for me, like a series of arbitrary events that become ironized or surprising from a certain perspective. You know: like a joke. How about you read this work of genius while I eat airport Chili’s. We’ve both been so terribly reduced.

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  1. If I ruled my own country,
    a country of my own id,
    without contradiction…
    I wouldn’t believe in god.

    Why would a god worth believing in let something that terrifying happen?

  2. (Although as an aside, the NK’s are ready to defend themselves. murika shy’s away from starting the same isht they start with the rock throwers, with NK. Obviously they’re insane.)

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