Combat! blog flies through air for real this time, isn’t useful


It probably seemed like I was going to write you from New York this morning. It seemed that way to me, even after Green Taxi forgot to pick me up yesterday, and even after United delayed my flight three hours, and after I spent 40 minutes in line at customer service, and after a young man spent 20 minutes trying to book me on a later connection¬†in Denver while periodically mumbling “I don’t know how to do this,” and after he couldn’t print any boarding passes, and after I got back in line and went through the whole rebooking process with somebody else. Then United delayed my flight again, past the last possible connection, and my choices were to fly into an overnight stranding in Denver or go home. So I spent four hours at the airport yesterday and achieved nothing, except $40 in wasted cab fare. Today, I will do it all again. United sucks. We’ll be back Monday with a real blog.

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  1. WTF are you doing in nu york?

    Combat Blog the Musical?
    (Which if I were forced to watch a musical or be flayed alive, is definitely the one I’d choose!)

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