Combat! blog flies through air, isn’t useful

The illusion of flight

In a just world, this would be a full post, and I would be writing it from Los Angeles. Also the executive officers of United Airlines would work in a salt mine where I would be a rabid bat. It doesn’t sounds so bad—shrieking, biting, nightlife—and it’s no worse than I deserve. Ours is not a just world, however, and I spent the night in Denver’s palatial airport Marriott. You would not believe the mechanical problem that grounded us. It had to do with the spring-loaded cover on the trash in the lavatory, and more specifically with the process of transmitting the paperwork that proved the damaged trash cover had been inspected. For this I lost a day of vacation. While I pity myself and await my yogurt parfait, how about you read this baffling instance of The Way We Live Now. I’ll be back tomorrow with a clearer view.

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