Combat! blog convalesces, isn’t useful


Remember all the top-flight commentary I churned out over the last few days? Me neither, but I have an excuse: I’ve been sick with Middle-East respiratory syndrome (self-diagnosed.) Aside from entertaining my mother, it’s been bed rest for me since Monday. My hard work has paid off, though, and now I’m starting to feel better. For example, I am finally coherent enough to peer at Excel spreadsheets and generate invoices, which is what I need to do today instead of writing a blog. Sorry, you guys: this Arab flu has my whole schedule bolloxed up. While I expectorate tan foam that adheres to the sink, how about you read this excellent examination of Liberalism and Gentrification from Jacobin Magazine? Sure it’s about real estate and urban living, but it’s also about the tectonic-force division of America into two classes. We’ll be back tomorrow with right accounts receivable and Friday links.


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