Combat! blog back on hiatus, barely of use to anyone

From the Mashable article “10 Celebrity Tombstones Worth a Laugh”

When I started Combat! blog, it was a practice—a way to write make myself write every day at a time when my job didn’t demand it. When I made the transition to writing for a living, back in the innocent days of 2009, Combat! was a way to even out a feast-or-famine freelance schedule. Now my schedule is like that scene in the Simpsons where Homer gets force-fed donuts in hell. I love it, and it’s coming at me as fast as I can handle. There is no blog today, because I have to spend all day making money by wiggling my fingers. Don’t pity me. Don’t expect much free content for the next couple of weeks, either, because I am not going to get any less busy until the middle of October. The good news is that I’ll come back with new material about what it’s like to live in a solid gold house. Either that or I’ll spend it all on tubs of cookie dough for the boy’s PTA fundraiser. Further updates as events warrant.

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  1. How about some guest posts for/from loyal readers in the meantime? And no, I am definitely not volunteering.

  2. I came here to make the same suggestion. Get your writing group involved. Or your brother. Or Lief. Who can pass that up? Do their blogs have tens of views?

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