Box of documents in meth house implies Super PAC collusion

The front page of the Montana Statesman, a fake newspaper published by the American Tradition Partnership

Ah, freelancing—you go to sleep with one schedule for Monday and wake up with another. I had a whole plan for today’s Combat! blog, but now I have a whole day to implement the dreaded/lucrative Short Notice Rate and a Combat! plan for tomorrow. Lucky for us, Pro Publica has a box full of documents belonging to the American Tradition Partnership, which the feds found in a meth house. The papers suggest that ATP, formerly Western Tradition Partnership, directly coordinated with Republican political candidates in violation of our already very forgiving Super PAC laws. ATP happens to be the group that has worked tirelessly to overturn Montana’s campaign finance laws to make them conform to Citizens Untied v. FEC. It’s a tangled web, and you can read all about while I glare at my To Do list. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.




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