Work sucks, Combat! blog acquiesces


As you can probably judge by the lateness of the hour, Combat! blog is behind in its paying work today and has no time for astute cultural analysis, much less what we usually do. Instead, enjoy this video clip from the “Art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu” series, which explains the then-nascent discipline of Brazilian jiu jitsu to the world via grainy video clips of Royler beating hell out of karate instructors. Even if you’re not a jiu jitsu fan—and I frankly find that position baffling—you can appreciate the serene, nature-documentary narration as Royler mercilessly hits this poor man in the ear to get him to roll over. Enthusiasts will enjoy the entire series, which also contains perhaps the most humiliating refutation of hapkido ever caught on tape. Protect your neck and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. I checked me some Combat! at 3:30 EST, and alas, no astute cultural analysis. It created a desert in my mind.

  2. Why spend all this energy on Brazilian hitting when there’s so much wonderful Brazilian dancing, singing and lovemaking?
    Peace out!

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