Vitor Belfort offers free Brazilian expression for you to use

When Vitor Belfort ruled the Earth

Yesterday I stopped reading internet comments sections. September 11, 2012: never forget to not read comments. That includes the Combat! blog comments section, so if you have some urgent message or want to tell me how great I am, email me. If you want to say that I sux dik, keep posting below. Ours is a great comments section and will be hard to let go, but Ben al-Fowlkes convinced me. Last night, when I briefly stopped talking to stuff fried cheese into my mouth as fast as I could, he observed that the punishment for reading comments on what you write fits the crime. In the same conversation, he mentioned that during yesterday’s UFC 152 media conference call, Vitor Belfort said he feels like “a young dinosaur” ahead of his fight with Jon Jones.

You can read my conjecture about what the hell he meant over at Fightlinker, where I am guest-blogging all month. The day before yesterday, when I stupidly read internet comments sections, I was reminded how MMA site commenters greet any new writer. Perhaps they are right, and perhaps they are wrong. The punishment for wondering what people think is knowing what people think, and I personally have learned my lesson.

Maybe that’s what Vitor meant when he said he felt like a young dinosaur. He is happy with his position at the top of the light-heavyweight contender chain, even though something hard may slam into him in the near future. He does not care. It is better to rule the Earth, powerful and oblivious.


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  1. Woah. I just read your three guest posts and their comments, and if that’s got you riled, you have very thin skin.

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