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Me on Double Dare

Me on Double Dare

Remember Double Dare? I feel like it was one of the most important shows on television, and I don’t understand why they haven’t remade it along with everything else. But maybe I only think it was important because it’s familiar to me. On an unrelated note, respondents to the Missoula Independent’s Annual Best of Missoula Poll and Pull-Out Advertising Section have selected me as Best Journalist, along with actual journalists Erika Fredrickson and Kate Whittle. In case I did not yet wonder if they were being sarcastic, they also put me on a list of Best Writers with Gwen Florio and winner James Lee Burke. You may remember Florio from her nationally-admired reporting on the Jordan Johnson rape case and her subsequent crime novels. You may remember Burke from being famous and great. As you can see, the Best of Missoula poll is accurate about 67 percent of the time, while a third of us benefit from noise in the statistics. That’s part of this town’s peculiar charm, as I discuss in this week’s column for the aforesaid Independent. Now you understand how I got where I am today: pandering.

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  1. Hey good job. Kudos for your recognition. As someone on this blog by affirmative choice, I worry your increasing recognition will change this place somehow. But then I pull my head out of my ass.

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