Utah legalizes gold, silver currency

The official Utah state human being

The Utah legislature moved a step closer to complete insanity fiscal independence this month by declaring gold and silver coins legal tender in the state. Sort of: no laws have been passed requiring merchants or banks to accept an ounce of 24-karat gold with Rush Limbaugh stamped on the front, but as of a week ago, it’s still totally money. It’s just that legally, parties to a contract cannot be required to accept it as tender for debts public or private. This raises the question of exactly how those pieces of precious metal constitute currency, but that’s not important. What’s important now is that, thanks to Republican state representative Brad Galvez, Utah doesn’t use federal bills. Don’t worry, by the way—he isn’t crazy. “We’re too far down the road to go back to the gold standard,” Galvez acknowledged to the Associated Press. “This will move us toward an alternative currency.”

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Far out to sea, a wave of jagoff builds…

South Carolina State Rep. Mike Pitts accepts a Freedom Award from the SC Gun Owners' Association. Not pictured: Men's Wearhouse

Say you’re a certain political party that, for reasons totally beyond your control, suffered an electoral defeat in 2008 so humiliating that it seemed to dictate a wholesale reevaluation of your priorities. Everyone predicted that you would founder for decades, but then—miraculously—your politics experienced a sudden resurgence. According to the national news media, at least, thousands across the country rallied not just around your principles, but around a crazy, exaggerated version of your principles—one so dedicated and extreme that it took even you by surprise. Of course, you jumped on this public groundswell with both feet, chanting along and adopting the rhetoric of your most wild-eyed supporters. It seemed great for a while, but now you’ve got a problem. The engine is losing steam; you’ve gone as far down the track as rhetoric can take you, and it’s only given you a better look at how far you have left to go. Crazy talk has been great for getting you on the news and misinforming the public, but the time for crazy talk is over. Now is the time for crazy action.

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