Norm Macdonald may think as highly of himself as I do

Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds on Saturday Night Live

Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds on Saturday Night Live

I’m so close to finishing that damn novel it’s killing me. It’s definitely killing this blog. In addition to a couple thousand words of fiction, today I wrote a record review and a column for the Indy, recorded a new episode of MasterTweet Theatre, 1 on the Co-Main Event Podcast, and sent out a couple of pitches. Monday is the busy day. That used not to matter to Combat! blog, because I wrote it first thing. Now I wake up every morning and obsessively elaborate a funny2 story about a space monster. But if this blog has done nothing else over the years, it has trained the reader to be patient. I’m totally going to finish the first draft of a 70,000-word novel, like, Friday. No, you cannot read it, because it sucks. You can read it later, when it’s good. In the meantime, read this alternately delightful and frustrating profile of Norm Macdonald in the Washington Post. One answer to the question of why we don’t see more of him turns out to be lax management of his own career. But then he lays that truth on you, and you must concede it’s his to dispose of as he will. We’ll be back tomorrow with a real post, instead of fruitless complaining.

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  1. Whenever I’m liking Norm Macdonald I feel uncomfortable because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like me. Whereas Chris Farley or Jon Stewart would want my approval.

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