Happy continued fundamental themes of Thanksgiving!


For much of America, the Thanksgiving holiday and the brief interlude of cooking at home, gathering to converse with friends and loved ones, and savoring of simple material comforts it induced are over. Now it’s time to use the internet and buy shit. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is historically the biggest shopping day of the year. That’s because most Americans work so much that they really need to seize any day off they get, in order to have enough time to buy stuff. It’s a damn near flawless system, and we must defend it. Here in Los Angeles, our woefully diseconomic Thanksgiving continues in spirit if not in calendar, and all consume leftover turkey and pirated DVDs. Perhaps we shall not get the last Nintendo Wii. We will live one more day as free men, however, and if you are reading this at home, Combat! thanks you and reminds you that it is still not to late to skip the store. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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