Combat! blog returns from air, is screwed

The Cattle Yard at Lehman Field

The Cattle Yard at Lehman Field

Ain’t it pretty? That’s what I left yesterday afternoon, to board a plane in Denver where we were informed—after the doors closed—that we would maybe land in Missoula and maybe Kalispell, and maybe not take off at all, but the important thing was that United would not provide us with amenities in any case. Then I arrived in Missoula to snow and, this morning, 19 degrees.  Oh, for my beloved amenities. I have to make one million deadlines today, so why don’t you read Ezra Klein’s explanation of why time is the enemy of immigration reform. We’ve gone Ezra Klein crazy around here. Also regular crazy, plus tired and maybe a sinus infection. But the important thing is that it’s really, really cold.

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  1. As someone who acknowledges having “been on the government teat ” for more than 30 years, Senator Grassley is, indeed, in no hurry at all. He’s getting paid; he’s getting health insurance; and he’s getting a pension while insisting that “This is not the way” (his latest comment regarding any type of gun control). Alas, he hasn’t yet identified “the way” to get anything done but the collection of his paycheck.

    That’s the scoop, to adapt the Senator’s own phrase.

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