Combat! blog recovers from database error, rests comfortably

Combat! blog

Combat! blog

The first thing I did this morning was revise another essay, so I did not discover Combat! blog’s grievous database error until around noon. Then I had lunch. The intervening period was a hold in three acts presented by GoDaddy, whose customer service lives up to their standard as the lowest bidder for my web hosting needs. In the end, they disconnected me, but some how they fixed the problem too. We’ve written about GoDaddy’s problematic advertising and problematic CEO Bob Parsons before, and I urge you to revisit that one┬átoday. The videos don’t work with the new WordPress, but the puns are evergreen.


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  1. That’s a great post. I would love to watch a timelapse of you writing and editing your post. I imagine that “brolific millionare” gets put down early but doesn’t find its rightful place immediately.

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