Combat! blog meets deadline, is not otherwise useful

Robots print funny cultural criticism on screens at the Combat! factory.

Robots print funny cultural criticism on computer screens at the Combat! factory.

It’s Monday, and I’ve got a job of work to do before I can even think about such frivolities as Combat! blog. Obviously I’m shirking, because here I am thinking about it now. But in minutes I will hurl myself back into productive composition again, with nary an internet to distract me. There is no Combat! blog today, paradoxically because I am a professional writer. While I get that paper, how about you read this rad cowboy story by Stephen King, published in the New Yorker and brought to my attention by Ben al-Fowlkes. If you have extra time, you should consider the arbitrary distinction we were taught to make between genre and literary fiction, when “literary” is obviously just another genre. That’s a whole nother blog post for a whole nother time, though, and that time is not here yet. Maybe it will arrive tomorrow.


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  1. I definitely want to read the future post on that distinction, as well as a post on how the fuck you manage to type a lovely, funny excuse into WordPress every time you have a far more lucrative deadline. I never bother, and I can’t imagine even trying.

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