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Wrigley Field Saturday, where the Cubs won a purely moral victory

Wrigley Field Saturday, where the Cubs won a purely moral victory

Man, Chicago is a lot of fun, except in the mornings. There’s some sort of atmospheric effect that makes you wake up with a headache, and my best efforts to investigate it by staying up until dawn recording my observations aloud have, somehow, not unraveled the mystery. I need more time. Fortunately, I’m here until tomorrow night, so I’ve got plenty of time to experiment with different combinations of supplements to keep my mind limber and free my body from unnecessary attachments, e.g. hygiene. While I continue my sense journey, how about you read this controversial article about the rhetoric of trauma in contemporary gender activism? The whole internet is made and/or excited about it. We’ll be back Wednesday, cross-eyed with glee.

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  1. A great article where someone well-versed in the language, literature, of a niche zietgiest is able to articulate with the language and literature of the niche zietgiest why it should slowdown/recenter/think. It’s always risky for someone in a particular circle to sound the alarm that the circle is not moving in the right direction. Circles are inward facing like to eject members that don’t belong. But it’s crucial that the alarm be sounded by someone the circle will consider, because if you’re just a Pip Liberalpants character using weird terms like ghey, it’s obvious you’re a reactionary tool and not trying to help the circle move in the right direction.

    I think the Rolling Coal post you made a few weeks ago nails the desire for outrage this controversial article is centering on. So much of our politico-facebook existence is mandated on having an opinion, and cognitive misers need the overtly objectionable example to rail against. This link does a fine job of not being a cognitive miser an diving into the nuance. It doesn’t rail against “politically correctness” like an “opponent” is want to do, it defines the specific “trauma” thread as something in need of reform.

  2. Not content to take off minor holidays like he’s the US Postal Service, now Combat Blog is calling in hungover? This…is bullshit.

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