Combat! blog looks pretty, feels great

Fred Flintstone makes a car out of clay or something.

Fred Flintstone makes a car out of clay or something.

Well hello there. As you may have noticed, Combat! blog got a salubrious redesign last night. In addition to its striking good looks, our new layout is more responsive to smartphones, iPads, and pools of still water under a blood moon. Our links got a little harder to see and a little more fun to hover over. We’ve added some useful new features, including the navigation menu in the upper right-hand corner. Don’t forget to click the Twitter icon on the left sidebar, too, so you can follow me. Oh, and no big deal, but I figured out how to integrate Grantland-style footnotes.1 What’s the occasion for all this self-care? Tantalism after the jump.

Combat! blog got all prettied up last night because we’re expecting guests tomorrow. I don’t want to spoil the surprise,2 but I’m super excited and proud. While I burn out my eyes watching the sun make its way west, how about you read my column in this week’s Missoula Independent? It’s about our new friend Lawrence VanDyke and the forces of legal mendacity that have shaped his candidacy at every turn. Read it and get really scared of corporatocracy.

And while you’re at it, how about you leave a comment3 saying what you like and, heaven forfend, don’t like about the new design. Is there some feature I missed that you’re missing, too? Do you hate orange? I’m keeping the orange. Pretty much everything else is fair game, though, except for the photograph of me as a ghost who has been eating Cheetos. That is not negotiable. We’ll see you tomorrow for Friday links with cat, cream and licking of self.


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  1. I’m obviously a fan of orange, but wish the links could be a little more visible before you hover over them. Just a smidge more different than the barely visible amount of different they are now, so I know they exist.

    Oh, and mayhaps instead of recent and popular (or in addition to) you could have ‘Selected Readings’ that aren’t just generated automatically by wordpress hoodoo. Lots of amazing stuff in the back catalog that deserves more reads. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you could tag your best posts and then the Selected Readings section would be a constant random grab of these tagged tasty morsels of combat.

  2. I agree that the links are operatively not visible. It turns out that I need to get under the hood to change them, in part because of the pleasing warm-up effect. I’ll get to that just as soon as I’m sure I can do it without destroying the entire site.

    Thanks for reminding me of that article. It’s linked in the More By section now.

  3. I was reading this on my Android and it was fine. But I didn’t see that there were links at all, and of course no hovering footnotes. And Jesus Herman Christ, please, that photo! And the orange! Must you? Regardless, this will always be my very favorite blog that is wrong.

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