Combat! blog ices groin, isn’t useful

A cute kitten takes a nap. Do not Google image search "vasectomy." Just don't.

A cute kitten takes a nap. Do not Google image search “vasectomy.” Just don’t.

You wouldn’t know it from the chipper tone of Combat! blog, but I got a vasectomy yesterday. In my life and peregrinations I have smelled many smells, but I will not soon forget the smell of my own burning vas deferens. Nor will I soon forget this pain in my nuts, which I can ease only with Advil or by imagining a child’s birthday party. There is no Combat! blog today, because I have voluntarily sterilized myself. Think of it as an investment in Combat! blogs of the future. While I search in vain for any glimmer of regret, how about you read this fascinating piece by Ben al-Fowlkes about a woman-versus-man bareknuckle fight that happened in 2007? You can watch the video, too, if you dare. I’d like to point out that Ben is a father, probably as a result of having intercourse with his wife. If only he had planned ahead. If only I had frozen peas.

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  1. “…but I got a vasectomy yesterday.”

    Is that a true story?
    You defiled your god given seed so that you can be lazy?

    Whats so difficult about being in love before you have sex?
    Does tying your tube stop diseases?
    Or just make it easier to disregard the value of sex?

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