Combat! blog hews to resolutions, isn’t useful

A scrivener

A scrivener

Remember that thing I wrote the other day about how the first two-hour slot of my workday is currently devoted to fiction? Some days, two hours is all you get. There is no Combat! blog today, owing to a surfeit of other obligations. While I type them words for readers who pay better than you, how about you read this long-ish Politco story about the revitalization of Des Moines, headlined How America’s Dullest City Got Cool. Caveat: it’s still not that cool. I know because I grew up there, and I return often to visit my family. But it’s much cooler now than it was in when I was a surly teen. Basically, the story has two parts: Des Moines was America’s dullest city (when I lived there,) then it got cool (after I left.) Colin Woodard puts it better than I do, and you should read his version. I’ll see you back here Monday, with an actual damn blog in addition to my secret novella.

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  1. Lur plan! ;) stormberg har masse fint, HÃ¥vard fikk ogsÃ¥ bursdags gave derfra tidligere i sommer, og da fikk jeg ogsÃ¥ sommergave til meg selv, fra meg selv ;) og fleece jakkene dems er sÃ¥ deilige! Jeg har en del, bÃ¥de gensere og jakker..Er jakken du bestilt god i fassongen? Og er den vanntett og vindtett? Har litt lyst pÃ¥ ny sÃ¥nn type, jeg har “bare” en softschell jakke og tynn vindjakke til turbruk :p

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