Combat! blog helps the homeless, is finally useful

Volunteers help homeless people access services at last year's Project Homeless Connect.

Volunteers help homeless people access services at last year’s Project Homeless Connect.

Diligent readers of Combat! blog such as my mother will notice that there have been no Friday links today, and it’s darn near 3pm Mountain. That’s because I’ve spent the day volunteering at Project Homeless Connect, an annual event that helps homeless Montanans get access to various social services. It also forces them to experience my own eerie approach to personal interaction, but fortunately they are used to hardship already. There is no Combat! blog today, because I actually helped somebody for once instead of just talking about how other people should do that. Don’t worry—we’ll be back to sanctimonious inaction Monday. In the meantime, how about you listen to Gary Numan? That’ll give you something to explore for the weekend.

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